LS VISION 4G Solar Trail Hunting Camera Wildlife Camera

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Dimensions 23.9 × 15.7 × 10.2 cm


The latest trail hunting camera for 2024 enhances your outdoor wilderness sports experience


Choose this trail hunting camera as the first choice for observing wildlife and engaging in outdoor activities.

1. Support remote viewing and playback on the APP

The LS-HM1-4G provides a network connection to the Internet via a 4GIM card and then transmits the video to your mobile APP. This allows real-time viewing and playback of the camera’s 4MP ultra-high-definition video.

2. TOP range Trigger Speed never misses any movements

Super shocking PIR detection, waking up the camera within 0.2S is the highest level in the industry, so you will not miss any details of every animal passing by.

3. support sharing a camera with your family on the APP

Through the mobile phone APP page operation, you can share the camera screen with your friends, so that multiple people can watch the wonderful screen of the camera together. Being happy alone is not as good as being happy together.

4. Solar-powered power keeps the fun going reliably

LS-HM1-4G uses the latest solar power system in 2024, a reliable 18650 battery pack, and an exclusive low-power power management system. It supports the camera to work continuously 24/7 without power outages. You don’t need to manage the camera’s power or worry about the camera running out of power. LS-HM1-4G will be the most reliable wildlife trail camera you have ever seen.


What does a complete 4G solar trail hunting camera include?


4G solar trail hunting camera accessories

1. Camera

The camera theme is an ultra-high-definition lens with a 95-degree wide-angle lens that can take 14MP pictures and record 4MP videos. A high-strength three-section 18650 battery is built into the camera.

There is a 4G antenna on the side, and when you insert the SIM card into the camera card slot, it will support the camera to connect to the Internet.

2. Solar panel

It uses high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar panels, which can support integrated installation or split installation with the camera to meet different installation requirements.

3. Other spare parts and instructions

Various accessories to help you install quickly can usually be installed within 10 minutes according to the instructions. For example, the card clip helps you insert the SIM card very well, and the universal bracket helps you fix the solar panel very easily. You are also welcome to search LS VISION on YouTube to find quick installation tutorials for various cameras.


How to store videos with wildlife trail cameras


4G solar trail hunting camera

Many customers may wonder how to store videos when the camera is in the wild without a recorder or hard drive. The following are two more convenient storage methods for you.

1. Cloud storage

LS-HM1-4G supports 30-day free cloud storage. After you have experienced it for thirty days, you can select the time and cycle you want to store in the APP and choose a package to purchase.

2. Micro SD card storage

Trail hunting camera supports up to 128GB memory card storage video. Generally speaking, if the video length recorded in a day does not exceed 20 times a day, 20 seconds each time, a 128G memory card can store more than one year of video.

Working Mode and Adaptability of 4G solar Trail hunting camera


1. Working mode

When the camera’s PIR sensor detects a person or animal, it will wake up and start recording. The mobile phone APP will send a notification to the phone to remind the user to watch. When the person or animal leaves, it will automatically go into sleep mode and stop recording to save power.

2. Adaptability

LS-HM1-4G currently has two versions: EU and US.
The EU is basically suitable for the frequency bands of countries in Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and can work well.
The US version is suitable for the frequency bands of countries such as the United States and Canada and can work well.
If you have any questions about whether LS-HM1-4G can be used in your country, please feel free to contact us for communication and answers.


Customized services

1. customized services through our Sales Manager, Technical Engineers, and Artists.

2. provide a laser logo with no moq required and customize the structure and appearance

3. follow up on your needs to create an exclusive packaging box.

4. provide marketing materials such as product images and videos valued at 2000 USD.

Weight 0.95 kg
Dimensions 23.9 × 15.7 × 10.2 cm


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