LS VISION LS-WS20L 2K 4G/Wifi 10X Optical Zoom Solar Camera Dual Lens

Weight 1.86 kg
Dimensions 28.7 × 20 × 19 cm

LS-WS20L-10X Wifi / LS-4GS20L-10X 4G

 Dual-lens and multi-lens cameras are a trend in the security industry in 2024

LS VISION is the first dual-lens solar camera manufacturer to integrate multi-lens technology into solar panel energy, fill light, 4K/8MP high resolution, 20X optical zoom, and 4G WI-FI functions.

Solar panels make this 20X zoom security camera 365 days never power off electricity and it supplies power stably with 9 9-watt solar panels, built-in 15600mAh batteries, and with 3m extension cord. 99% of end-users can install them to save high installation labor costs. It can be regarded as one of the products with very high-cost performance.

LS VISION-zoom security camera

Why choose this dual-lens zoom security camera?

1. Make Security Double
LS VISION Dual lens solar camera with 2lens, Connect wo Vision For Ultra Wide Panoramic Viewing: The first lens is a fixed lens with around 135-degree viewing angle, so it is possible to monitor large scenes in open areas. The second lens is a PTZ Pan&Tilt: Pan 355 degree&Tilt 100 degrees to achieve detailed monitoring in any direction. This dual-lens solar camera is very cost-effective, one camera can be used as 2 cameras.

2. Make Security All-in-One
1 One-lens solar camera can used as 2 cameras for its dual lens, only need to download a mobile app named: UBOX, and you can control everything in this app.

LS VISION-dual lens solar camera3. Make Security clear
Expand vision from dual lens especially wide viewing angle, each of the lenses will be 3.0MP high resolution so the dual lens is 6.0MP. At the same time, it is with 20X optical zoom. This zoom security camera is 5-50mm to see far from near in the daytime 300-500M and night vision 30M to see clearly the human face.

4. Make Security more colorful
LS VISION dual lens solar camera adds 2 LEDs at the sides for night vision supplementary light. In the market, 90% dual lens solar camera with night vision but the color is white and black.

LS VISION dual lens zoom security camera is different, with these 2 LED lights once in the evening turn on the LED on the mobile app, and the night image can be colorful with the same effect as the time.

Dual Lens Solar Camera 2 dual light night vision

This dual-lens zoom security camera is quite suitable for the home and garden. It is a home improvement deal.

Since its establishment in 2010, LS VISION has been adhering to our core values: “Quality, Innovation, and Dedication”, we hope to continue to provide Value Added Services to customers. Our factory has with 2000 square meters area and over 100 employees, we have passed the 6S standard quality test report. With more than 30K clients covering different markets, 20+ technicians can offer full online support to you within 24 hours. Welcome for inquiry of this dual lens zoom security camera.

PTZ control Dual Lens Solar Camera 3 humanoid detection alarm dual pir humanoid detection extend installation

10X optical zoom two-way audio ip66 waterproof multi-users remote access two storage modes Dual Lens Solar Camera 5

Weight 1.86 kg
Dimensions 28.7 × 20 × 19 cm

LS-WS20L-10X Wifi / LS-4GS20L-10X 4G

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