LS VISION V380 LS-CS3-4G-EU 2K 4G/Wifi Dual Lens PTZ 8W Solar Camera Outdoor

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 17 cm


    Key Features

  • 2K dual lens dual-screen 4G solar powered battery  PTZ camera
  • Pan&Tilt:Pan 355 degree&Tilt 100 degree
  •  8-watt solar panel with 1.8m extension cord, built-in 10800mAh  batteries
  • Two-way voice intercom
  • Cloud storage and TF card storage maximum 128G(without TF card)
  • 4G network, remote viewing/playback via APP (V380 Pro)
  •  PIR +Ai humanoid detection alarm and video recording
  • Arbitrary arming time can be set and alarm sound can be set
  • 3.6mm +3.6mm lens, built-in infrared light + white light,  IR distance 20 meters
  • Support  humanoid automatic tracking
  • Waterproof grade IP66

When safety becomes the primary concern of modern life, solar-powered wireless security cameras with intelligent surveillance systems redefine the new standard of security with their precision quality and innovative technology. Actually, It’s not just an outdoor camera, it’s your 24/7 smart guardian.

This 4G outdoor camera with HD pixels like 4.0MP,5.0MP, and 8.0mp /4K insight to make missing details, as long as its zoom function – LS VISION LS-CS3 solar PTZ camera is equipped with a professional-grade HD lens (2K) and supports FHD recording, capturing every key detail from day or night. Its built-in WDR wide dynamic technology ensures a clear and bright picture, even in strong light or backlight environments, so that security risks have nowhere to hide.

What are the features of this solar PTZ camera?

1· 8-watt solar panel with 1.8m extension cord, 2 ways to install Integrated installation and separate installation
2· built-in 10800mAh batteries -market use 8000mAh
3· APP: v380 PRO
4·Transmission mode:4G or WI-FI for option
5· PIR +AI humanoid detection ( not support animal detection) PIR best distance will be 8-12M
6· Work Models- 3 working models below and suggest low-power models


What to do if this 4g outdoor camera is offline?


1. After this solar PTZ camera is reset, power the camera through the 5V2A power supply, and then observe whether the blue light is steady on.

2. Replace the card of another operator to confirm until the blue light of the camera can be on. If not work, just format the memory card and insert the camera again. Let the camera run another 10 minutes, and send back the log file generated automatically in the memory card to the LS VISION after-sales center.

3. Suppose this 4g PTZ camera can be used under another operator card brand, but the customer insists on using the original operator card- turn off the WiFi, Plug the camera’s 4G data card, go searching to Google Store, download Cellular Z, and send back the band information displayed on the app for confirmation.


Why do solar-powered wireless security cameras power drop so fast?


Generally, the average of more than 250 times a day will be regarded as a high-frequency trigger, in weather of slightly weaker sunlight conditions, the 4G outdoor camera is easy to lose power fast, when the 4G signal is poor, the camera shows that the signal 2-3 grids, resulting in the camera consumption of electricity is relatively fast. Then the installation angle of the solar direct sunlight to the entire takes an important role, which leads the solar panel can have enough output power to power the 1860 battery inside. Temperature is the most direct and biggest factor affecting the performance of lithium batteries, when the temperature drops, the battery performance will have a direct impact, which is the problem that the entire lithium battery industry is overcoming. At present, the limit operating temperature of our battery is negative 20 degrees. The reasonable ambient temperature range of our products is about 15-40 degrees.


Suppose the installation position or Angle is not correct, resulting in insufficient sunlight, just adjust the installation position and Angle。

Situation 1: Due to signal problems, change the installation location or directly replace the carrier card with a good signal.
Situation 2: Due to temperature, it is normal to have a small capacity decline, and when the temperature rises, the capacity of the battery will also rise synchronously and return to normal.


Why choose LS VISION 4G outdoor cameras?

1· The stable and well-known: V380 PRO is a solar PTZ camera that has well a well-known solution in the market for 2 years.
2· Cost-effective: compared to NIVIEW or UBOX solution, V380 cost will be 1/2 or 1/3 of them suitable wholesales or B2C clients
3· Easy: This solar-powered 4g wireless security camera is easy to install and only needs to connect to the mobile app, everyone installs it even if you are an end-user saving human costs.
4· Sunrise and booming industry business: The solar-powered wireless security camera market is increasing compared to HD Analog or IP systems. Business can have profit.


4g outdoor camera

4g outdoor camera



Who we are: LS VISION specializes in special new enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, China, specializing in the production of solar-powered wireless security cameras,4g outdoor cameras solar PTZ cameras products, etc.

1· Factory size: 3000㎡
2· Daily output: 4000+
3· Annual sales: 300 million+ RMB
4· Product certificates: CE, FCC, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS, ISO9001, ISO14001 20+Invention patent certifications, etc.

What we do: Professional R&D with 20+ members to support wholesale/OEM/ODM/Customized, etc. We are now officially opening global investment channels, and sincerely invite you to join us and become our agent or wholesale partner from all over the world!


Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 17 cm


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