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Saudi Arabia Clients Mr. Magdi Visit

Saudi Arabia Clients Mr. Magdi Visit: A Memorable Business Communication Experience May 20th is a very special day in China, it represents:“ I LOVE YOU”, On this special day, we very much welcome the arrival of Mr. Magdi and his team from Saudi Arabia.Mr. Magdi and his team have been in the CCTV camera industry

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While LS VISION Birthday Party 6

While LS VISION Birthday Party Falls on Labor Day

There is a culture that moisturizes things silently! There is a kind of love and peace of mind in people’s hearts! Thank us for choosing together and LS VISION for allowing us to walk together and fight side by side. Fortunately, we can celebrate together for this unique anniversary! On the same day, we also

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LS VISION Shenzhen Hongfa Temple activities

LS VISION’s Weekend Activity In Shenzhen Hongfa Temple

Enjoy your time with Mother Nature and feel the hope and warmth that spring brings! We pray for you, for him, for us, for the world! May health, happiness, and peace surround you! April 13, 2024, was a sunny weekend. We at LS VISION Technology Co., Ltd. went to the tranquil Hongfa Temple and the

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2024 LS VISION Alibaba Sales PK 3

2024 LS VISION Alibaba Sales PK March Expo, We Need You To Win-Win

Introduction In the digital age, e-commerce has become an integral part of our lives. Among the numerous e-commerce giants, Alibaba stands tall as one of the industry’s frontrunners. To further assert its dominance, Alibaba recently organized a sales PK, pitting its top sellers against each other in a thrilling competition. This blog will delve into

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LS VISION New Year's Celebration 1

Working Together LS VISION New Year’s Celebration

Previous slide Next slide At 19:30 on the evening of January 28, the LS VISION 2024 Global Dream Ceremony kicked off in a dazzling light show. LS VISION employees delivered a speech under the leadership of CEO Jennylee. Jennylee said that in this decade, we have achieved high-quality development with independent innovation per the requirements of

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LS VISION Book Club Share

LS VISION Book Club Share -《了凡四训》

Gain and share experiences from reading At this beautiful moment, we read the 《了凡四训》together, shared our experiences, and felt the wisdom and power contained in it. It was an inspiring and resonant reading activity that strengthened our direction and made us more deeply understand the importance of teamwork and personal growth.The《了凡四训》 is a book full of

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