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At 19:30 on the evening of January 28, the LS VISION 2024 Global Dream Ceremony kicked off in a dazzling light show. LS VISION employees delivered a speech under the leadership of CEO Jennylee.

Jennylee said that in this decade, we have achieved high-quality development with independent innovation per the requirements of the General Secretary and created a better life for people. 2023 seems to have been more difficult than ever, but LS VISION has achieved the best results; At the same time, combined with the global environment of the world economy, it is also proposed that 2024 LS VISION will face unprecedented challenges

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After the speech, the evening performance officially began, and all kinds of wonderful programs pushed the grand atmosphere to the climax. LS VISION B2B division “Love Front Alliance” in the form of a dance interpretation of LS VISION B2B dep. Playful passion love the theme of life;

 The B2C department uses the acrobatic performance surrounded by dangers to symbolize the lofty dream of LS VISION and the hardships of walking… Although the weather is cold, the atmosphere is very hot

In 2023, LS VISION people stand together through thick and thin, and strive for LS VISION for a better world. LS VISION independently developed and continuously iterated 4K solar power cameras 4G &wifi dual network; dual lens, wifi multi-lens and more are ahead of the forefront of security technology.These products are deeply loved by customers at home and abroad.

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Rabbit pen touches dragon Yao Shi, prosperous dragon Teng thousands of miles away. The extraordinary achievements of LS VISION in 2023 are already inscribed; The road to pursue dreams in 2024 has also begun. National Intelligence, green development, low-carbon innovation, and better life is the eternal mission of LS VISION, in the year of the dragon, the auspicious year of the Chinese nation, LS VISION will wave the banner of made in China with the momentum of the dragon, and move forward on the road of manufacturing power.

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