Wireless PTZ Camera detailed introduction

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A wireless PTZ camera is a product that combines wireless monitoring with a PTZ camera. It refers to the wireless transmission of the entire monitored video through a network connection and PTZ head setting.

Wireless PTZ camera is mainly composed of two parts: wireless monitoring and the PTZ design.

A wireless camera is a new type of surveillance camera that embeds a wireless receiver into a network camera. The wireless monitoring system is a combination of monitoring technology and wireless transmission technology. It can transmit real-time on-site information from different locations to the wireless monitoring center through wireless communication means, and automatically form a video database for future retrieval.

To achieve wireless monitoring, wireless surveillance cameras require a complete wireless transmission and reception system. After the two corresponding systems are installed, by setting up surveillance cameras to monitor audio and video, the network can be utilized to transmit the transcoded signal to the receiver through the transmitter. The receiver then presents the transcoded signal, which is the working principle of a wireless camera.

Advantages: Low overall cost, only requiring one-time investment, especially suitable for outdoor occasions with long distances and already decorated. It has a wide range of applications and can be widely applied in a wide range of scattered safety monitoring, traffic monitoring, industrial monitoring, home monitoring, and many other fields.

Another important feature of wireless PTZ cameras is their unique pan-tilt design.

PTZ is the abbreviation for Pan/Tilt/Zoom (security monitoring equipment), representing the omnidirectional (left, right, up, and down) movement of the pan and tilt, as well as lens zoom and zoom control.

Within the range of the scene monitored by the camera, when a moving target appears, the user can manually lock it (such as by clicking with the mouse to lock the target) or automatically trigger the locking of a certain moving target at a preset position to trigger the PTZ camera for autonomous and automatic PTZ tracking, and automatically control the PTZ camera’s pan head to rotate in all directions to visually guide automatic tracking of the locked moving target, To ensure that the tracking target continues to appear in the center of the camera.

A PTZ can perform the functions of multiple ordinary surveillance cameras. The first is the range of deployment, where the spherical surveillance camera can view 360 degrees through the pan tilt.


Secondly, PTZ has a powerful linkage alarm function. Nowadays, monitoring likes to interact with alarm systems, especially the intelligent monitoring function that emphasizes the automatic identification of targets and analysis by front-end devices to achieve early warning. In the network environment, PTZ can better integrate into the monitoring management platform, allowing more supporting equipment to serve the entire monitoring system.

The PTZ camera combines the advantages of a panoramic camera that can observe a 360-degree or 180-degree field of view angle, as well as the advantages of a high-speed ball camera that can freely rotate to the area of interest and see the details of the area of interest through optical zooming, effectively overcoming their respective shortcomings, thus possessing both the advantages of a panoramic camera that can see wide and the advantages of a high-speed ball camera that can see clearly. 

The PTZ also has a dynamic area intelligent monitoring function, which can only record moving objects outside the background. This advantage greatly reduces the need for video storage space. In order to avoid unnecessary images occupying storage space, the camera determines the static background image through image recognition, even when the lens is converted to a new background, it can still determine.

Wireless PTZ Dome is an integrated spherical camera with characteristics such as fast operation speed, optical zoom, precise positioning, and flexible control methods. It has been widely used in industries such as safe cities, airports, rail transit, power, education, and industry. With the digitization, networking, and high-definition development of the entire monitoring industry, network wireless PTZ cameras have entered a new stage in product development, and wireless PTZ cameras have become a new hotspot in the monitoring industry.

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