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What are AOV Solar-Powered CCTV Cameras?

AOV ( always on video) – based on low-power solar cameras that only support motion detection recording, AOV Battery Cameras to solve 24/7 hours recording with AOV Battery Cameras.

With the widespread application of low-power solar cameras, and IP Cameras in the fields of civil and consumer electronics, the market has put forward higher requirements for the comprehensive performance of low-power cameras. AOV (Always on Video) ultra-low power technology has become a major focus of competition among major manufacturers.

Recently, LS VISION launched the 2K micro-power AOV solar 4G and wifi cameras.
The AOV Battery Cameras are equipped with dual lenses each 2.0mp, have a larger angle, can achieve ultra-long-distance detection and wake-up of 30 meters, and can record video for 24 hours with zero missed reports, solving the shortcoming of traditional low-power solutions that there is no video recording information during event triggering.

01. 24/7 video recording: Active monitoring, never miss a moment

7×24 hours continuous recording, active monitoring of the environment, do not miss any moment. To achieve lower power consumption, when there is no event trigger, the device records at a low frame rate at 2S frame, and returns to normal frame rate when an event is triggered, saying goodbye to the pain point of traditional low-power solar products that can only record when an event is triggered.

02. Quick wake-up, accurate human detection at long distances

Adopting AI large model algorithm ( not like PIR), 30-meter long-distance human detection, fast wake-up, say goodbye to missed alarms and false alarms caused by PIR limitations such as angle and distance.

03. Dual lens each 2.0MP full-view care in on hand

The industry’s first dual-lens AOV solar-powered CCTV camera product, one machine with two lenses, the gun camera sees the whole picture, the ball camera sees the details, two-way synchronous monitoring, bringing a dual visual experience! The ball head supports a rotation angle of 350 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically, with a wider field of view.

04. Ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long battery life

Built-in 10400mAh battery, when fully charged, can stand for 14 days. Adopt a 5V power supply design to minimize power loss. And support AOV mode, wake-up mode, and low-power sleep mode, to achieve true ultra-low power consumption.

At present, the market share of low-power cameras maintains a rapid growth momentum. With the in-depth application of AOV technology, its performance and implementation effects will be further improved.

Shenzhen LS VISION TECHNOLOGY Co.,Ltd. is an AI video solution provider with cutting-edge technology and creative products. LS VISION has always been rooted in the field of audio and video, integrating independent R&D, production, sales and service, building a competent and experienced R&D team. It has independent core tech and takes leading position in synchronous focusing algorithm, shimmering full-color ISP image processing algorithm, multi-node long-distance wireless transmission technology, solar photovoltaic intelligent charging and discharging management technology, video storage technology, etc,. The products are widely used in various fields, such as smart home, smart office, smart community and smart city, etc, this AOV will be Cross-generational products to make up for the lack of low-power solar camera products, we believe this will be another milestone for solar systems

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