The lifespan of surveillance camera outdoor

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Surveillance cameras outdoors are generally industrial-grade commodities and can be used for a long time without accidents under a normal power supply connection. The electronic components used in them can generally work for 50,000-100,000 hours. There are various uncertain factors in electronic products, and a few individual cameras may fail after a short period, but generally, it will not exceed 5%.

Surveillance cameras outdoors can generally be used for 4-5 years. If the memory is small, the memory will be exhausted in a few days.

Several factors affect the surveillance camera’s outdoor video time:

  1. The size of the hard disk, the larger the hard disk, the longer the recording time. If the hard disk space is insufficient, you can install an additional hard disk.
  2. Compressed format.
  3. The setting of the video host, there are settings for video image requirements in the video host, the better the picture quality, the larger the file, and the shorter the recording time.
  4. The video storage time can be set. When the hard disk space is sufficient, you can set how long to save the video. It can be set for one day one week, one month, or three months, which will make a big difference to the sharpness of the video.

The actual effective use is 4-6 years, and the image clarity will slowly begin to decline after three or four years of actual use, and generally, the image clarity will decline more after more than 5 years. If it is in a normal environment and the influence of human factors is excluded, the lifespan of surveillance cameras outdoors with infrared is generally between 5-6 years, and the lifespan of surveillance cameras outdoors without infrared will be longer, which can reach about 10 Because the attenuation of infrared is relatively severe, with the maturity of infrared technology, the life of infrared cameras is also getting longer.

Surveillance camera outdoors is quasi-camera used in security. Its pixel and resolution are higher than those of computer video heads but lower than professional digital cameras or DV. Surveillance camera outdoors is single mainly video capture device and rarely has data storage functions.

Surveillance camera outdoors is mainly divided into bullet-type, hemispherical, and high-speed dome in terms of appearance. In addition, there are analog monitoring, IP network monitoring, wifi, and 4g monitoring. They are widely used in many security fields such as schools, companies, banks, transportation, and safe cities.

The function of the monitoring camera is to take pictures of the monitoring area and convert them into an electrical signal. According to the specifications, it can be divided into 1/3″, 1/2″ and 2/3″ and other types. There are two installation methods: fixed and with a pan/tilt.

In security systems, images are currently generated mainly from CCD cameras and CMOS cameras.

CMOS size, that is, the target surface of the camera. The original size is 1/2 inch, 1/3 inch has been popularized, and 1/4 inch and 1/5 inch have also been commercialized.

Long lifespan of LED light: the lifespan of ordinary LED products is generally 6000 hours, and the lifespan of LED-Array is 50,000 hours. If the general LED lamp is damaged, it is not within the scope of the product warranty, while LED-Array can Provide a warranty period of two and a half years, and its service life is 9 times that of ordinary LED infrared cameras.

Ordinary LED infrared cameras place the LED light-emitting tube and the camera in a cavity, and the heat of the LED tube cannot be effectively dissipated through the PCB board. The temperature problem seriously restricts the service life of the CCD. Ordinary LED infrared cameras begin to show signs of aging after being used for 3 months,  problems such as blurred, white, and lack of contrast appear in the picture, which directly affect the use effect of the product, and even the entire camera is scrapped.

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