LS VISION’s Weekend Activity In Shenzhen Hongfa Temple

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LS VISION Shenzhen Hongfa Temple activities

Enjoy your time with Mother Nature and feel the hope and warmth that spring brings! We pray for you, for him, for us, for the world! May health, happiness, and peace surround you!

LS VISION Shenzhen Hongfa Temple activities

April 13, 2024, was a sunny weekend. We at LS VISION Technology Co., Ltd. went to the tranquil Hongfa Temple and the verdant Fairy Lake Botanical Garden in Shenzhen to embark on a rejuvenating team-building trip.

This group outing was not only a respite from the daily grind but also a profound practice that strengthened team bonds and injected new vitality into our corporate culture.

I. Embracing Serenity at Hongfa Temple

We arrived at 9:30 in the morning located in Wutong’s magnificent Buddhist temple at the foot of the hill.   The temple’s architectural grandeur, flanked by towering ancient trees and filled with the ethereal melodies of chanting, immediately transported us from the hustle of work life into an oasis of tranquility. As a collective, we reverently participated in a solemn blessing ceremony led by the resident monks, praying for our business’s continued prosperity, our colleagues’ well-being, and individual professional success, and all partner’s health and career enhancement.  

LS VISION Shenzhen Hongfa Temple activities
LS VISION Shenzhen Hongfa Temple activities

This shared act of devotion subtly bridged gaps between team members, fostering a stronger sense of unity. fuller enthusiasm and more tacit collaboration!

Hongfa Temple is a temple with a profound historical heritage and exquisite architectural art. The monks’ attitude of being indifferent to fame and fortune and focusing on spiritual practice deeply inspired us. This is not only the purification of personal souls, but also a vivid interpretation of the company’s team’s core values of “focus, harmony, and progress.”   We understand here that No matter whether we face challenges at work or ups and downs in life, we must always maintain inner peace and concentration, adhere to harmonious coexistence, and have a proactive and enterprising spirit, which is the key to achieving the long-term development of individuals and teams.

2. Full of greenery, explore the charm of life in the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

LS VISION Shenzhen Hongfa Temple activities

In the “Nature Classroom”, we not only enhanced our understanding of plant knowledge, but also stimulated in-depth thinking on innovative thinking and green environmental protection concepts, further strengthening the company’s advocacy of “respecting nature, innovation-driven, and win-win cooperation” as an enterprise idea. In addition, we also organized interesting team games such as Kangaroo Jump and Memory Puzzle Game.

LS VISION Shenzhen Hongfa Temple activities

In the afternoon, we moved to the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden next to Hongfa Temple. Rare plants from all over the world are gathered here, like a vibrant green treasure house.  admiring the diverse and colorful plant world, and marveling at the magical creation of nature and the tenacious power of life. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, team members enjoyed the beautiful scenery while exchanging ideas and sharing their understanding and insights on topics such as ecological environmental protection, technological innovation, and teamwork.

LS VISION Shenzhen Hongfa Temple activities

 Everyone worked together amidst laughter and laughter to cope with challenges, fully demonstrating the team’s collaborative spirit and collective wisdom. These interactive sessions make every member deeply feel that they are an indispensable member of the company’s family, enhancing the team’s sense of belonging and cohesion.

3. Drawing Strength from Mountains, Rivers, and Each Other

Our team’s journey to Hongfa Temple and Xianhu Botanical Garden was a baptism of the soul, an inspiration of intelligence, and a refining of team spirit. Here, we discovered inner calm, reveled in life’s abundance and diversity, and deepened our connection to and appreciation of our corporate culture. It fortified our resolve to champion a greener world.

 Armed with the newfound strength derived from the enlightening aura of Hongfa Temple and the verdant haven of Xianhu Botanical Garden, we now return to work reinvigorated, ready to contribute more zealously and collaboratively to the advancement of the CCTV industry.

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