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With the rapid development of information technology, solar systems, and solar energy systems wireless small security cameras, as portable security devices, are gradually receiving people’s attention and application. It has become a sharp tool for protecting security in various scenarios due to its small size, flexibility, and high performance

LS VISION is committed to providing customers with comprehensive monitoring solutions and high-quality products, while actively practicing corporate social responsibility and focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development. In recent years, we have continuously expanded our business areas and are committed to developing the energy monitoring industry, in line with the trend of global green development.

As a professional enterprise engaged in monitoring solutions since 2010, LS VISION deeply understands the importance of global environmental protection and sustainable development, actively responds to the government’s policies of energy conservation, emission reduction, and green development, and provides customers with more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient monitoring solutions. LS VISION hopes we can do what we can to help and win-win with each other.

In the field of energy monitoring, LS VISION has launched a variety of environmentally friendly and energy-saving monitoring products, such as solar energy monitoring cameras, wind power monitoring cameras, Dual lens cameras with or without solar panels, and so on. These products not only have the characteristics of high definition, long-distance monitoring, PTZ moving function night vision, and other traditional monitoring products but also have the AI technology characteristics of green, environmental protection, and low carbon: like using a solar panel to power on to help saving earth energy. These products can reduce energy consumption and energy costs in monitoring scenes that require a lot of energy consumption, while also providing customers with more reliable and stable monitoring solutions. At the same time, this camera system is easy to install no need to pay more and other labor costs, everyone can install it.

In addition to product development, LS VISION also actively participates in environmental protection and sustainable development social welfare activities. We play an active role in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction awareness and environmental protection concepts, which every year will spend 0.3% net profit of LS VISION sales amount to environmental protection and sustainable development social welfare activities. LS VISION will continue to work hard to respond to the world’s energy development solution and adhere to the development of more green energy products to provide friendly energy cameras around the world. The purpose of LS VISION is to make our contribution to a better world.

In the future, LS VISION will not only play technical advantages in products but also contribute our power to the environmental protection and public welfare of society. Will pass the concept of love and environmental protection “lead by example”. We will continue to participate in environmental protection and social welfare activities, and combine various industries to integrate resources to comprehensively provide better products for the world. We hope the world will be better and better. If you are interested in LS VISION, pls feel free to contact us.

LS VISION, for a better world!

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