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Adhering to the vision of “LS VISION, for a better world”, LS VISION will attend Intersec 2024 in Saudi Arabia Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center — the world’s leading safety and security trade exhibition . As one of the companies invited to participate in the exhibition, LS VISION will bring cutting-edge technologies and advanced solutions fully demonstrate LS VISION’s concentrates on technological breakthroughs that push the edge of innovation and invests heavily in research and development, making better products for more users in the world, and protecting a better world, mainly for NIVIew and ubox solution 4G wifj solar cameras, multi-lens and multi network 2 in 1 solar cameras security.

About the Intersec 2024 in Saudi Arabia


Intersec Saudi Arabia 2024


Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center


1-3rd Oct





About Middle East market

The necessity of the Middle East market: new opportunities brought by the integration of the Middle East The Middle East is home to numerous countries, and it remains an important strategic node for the Belt and Road Initiative, The resumption of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran is of great significance to peace and stability in the Middle East region The growth rate of the security market is more than twice the global average growth rate. Under the influence of multiple crises such as the Russia-Ukraine war and geopolitical conflicts, the global economy in 2024 The outlook is bleak, with the overall growth rate expected to slow down to 2.6%. However, many of the world’s top economies The market is expected to fall into a sustained recession.

LS VISION - Customer photo
LS VISION - Customer photo
LS VISION - Customer photo
LS VISION - Customer photo

As one of the global highlights, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will According to Strategic Gears’ analysis, Saudi Arabia will reverse the global economic recession Dominate the economic growth of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in 2024. The necessity of the Saudi market: the most explosive market in the world and the Middle East Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Middle East and the entire Arab world, and it is also the most important country in the Middle East Saudi Arabia will host the World Expo, the World Cup, and the Olympic Games next, Including the construction of the world’s largest airport and the construction of Saudi Arabia’s smart city cluster, and striving to develop tourism The industrial and sports sectors to promote the diversified development of the Saudi economy.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia hopes Large-scale sports events and international tourism can be used to reverse the country’s image and make Saudi Arabia a feudal oil Saudi Arabia has fully entered the dividend period of construction. Saudi Arabia unveils a five-year strategic plan for its Public Investment Fund, aiming to achieve a target of $1.5 trillion in assets by 2025 reach 4 trillion rials (about 1.06 trillion US dollars), create 1.8 million jobs, focus on investment Real estate, healthcare, renewable energy, telecommunications technology, industrial construction, digital economy Industries such as aerospace and defense.

The construction and integration of multiple industries will inevitably drive the development of security products related to Requirement. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reform program will make Saudi Arabia the fastest growing country in the world this year One of the economies, Saudi Arabia, is about to become the world’s largest construction site, which will be based on A total of 4.13 trillion rials, equivalent to approximately 1.1 trillion US dollars, has been invested in facilities and real estate projects In 2022, Saudi Arabia’s GDP exceeded the threshold of 4 trillion Saudi riyals. Saudi Arabia’s goal is By 2030, the GDP will reach 6.4 trillion Saudi riyals.

LS VISION - Customer photo

Saudi International Security Exhibition is the only security exhibition in Saudi Arabia, and also the largest in scale The most influential security exhibition is the best springboard for companies to enter the Saudi Arabia and Middle East markets. Intersec Saudi Arabia is a leading platform for exhibitors to explore the Saudi Arabian market Exhibitions not to be missed. More and more security companies are penetrating or increasing their presence in Saudi Arabia market investment, showing the potential growth rate. Due to this increasing demand, Intersec SA continues to work hard in the Saudi Arabian market to help global security companies develop new products and technologies The Intersec, which has 10 brand exhibitions, has become a Excellent benchmarking exhibitions in the defense industry, with exhibitions from all corners of South America to the Far East. With the development of Saudi Arabia, Intersec SA will become the most explosive market in the future.

LS VISION Clients from Saudi Arabia

By insisting on high quality and innovation, LS VISION pushes the industry to better cater to customer preferences with forward-thinking products, creating products that are tough enough to conquer various it is well adapted to harsh environments and sensitive enough to cope with complex lighting and network conditions. LS VISION’s successful debut in 2024 has enhanced the confidence of regional customers in the LS VISION and conveyed the concept of the company’s win-win cooperation.

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