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Intelligent solar energy alert ptz camera 4g refers to the use of a 4G network to transmit the real-time image of the camera back to the monitoring center, which is convenient for unified supervision and dispatch.

Intelligent solar energy alert ptz camera 4g is mainly composed of two parts: the back-end server and the monitoring front-end equipment equipped with a 4G SIM card. The images are collected by the installed front-end camera and then transmitted wirelessly by the 4G network card to the monitoring server or mobile terminal for remote monitoring by the management personnel. The main functions include real-time video browsing, timing snapshot picture browsing, audio and video storage and playback, alarm linkage, system management, etc.

It can be foreseen that with the continuous deepening of 4G network construction and the continuous improvement of 4G wireless communication technology, the Intelligent solar energy alert ptz camera 4g will bring far-reaching benefits to the security industry, especially in high-definition video monitoring, data transmission, and data storage. Influence. The application of 4G technology will promote high-definition network video surveillance to a new stage.

The main features of the Intelligent solar energy alert ptz camera 4g are low power consumption, high definition, accurate capture, high-definition video, easy installation, plug and play, widely used in outdoor places or outdoor environments where electricity is inconvenient. This product is an electric device monitoring, forest fire monitoring, river water level monitoring, and other outdoor application requirements that provide an effective guarantee for more intelligent, practical, and energy-saving.

At present, the development of video surveillance has entered the era of large-scale networking. Video surveillance can no longer be separated from security applications such as network technology ultra-high-definition video surveillance and massive data transmission, and cannot be separated from the support of high-bandwidth communication technology. The investment and promotion of 4G communication technology has created a good environment for the realization of high-definition mobile video surveillance and provided a strong guarantee for “mobile video surveillance.”Internet” of video surveillance.

Compared with 3G technology, 4G technology has faster communication speed, wider network spectrum, more flexible communication, higher intelligence performance, smoother compatibility performance, various value-added services, higher quality multimedia communication, and higher frequency utilization efficiency. , Communication costs are cheaper and many other advantages.

The impact of 4G network technology on the security industry is mainly manifested in the field of wireless video surveillance. Wireless mobile monitoring is a branch of network monitoring, and the pressure of network transmission is more prominent. The arrival of the 4G network will apply its advantages of mobile wireless transmission to the field of mobile monitoring. Judging from the current pilot situation, the speed of the 4G network is 10 times that of the 3G network, the download speed is up to 100M, and the upload speed is 20M. The bandwidth required for general 720P high-definition monitoring is basically between 2M and 4M per channel. This is very good to meet the good demand for high-definition monitoring. 

The application range of Intelligent Solar Energy alert ptz camera 4g is as follows:

  • When the monitoring object is in a moving state, such as public transport, passenger transport, school bus, ship, logistics, police car, ambulance, and other monitoring wired methods cannot be used, and wireless video monitoring can solve this problem well.
  • In environments such as power high-voltage lines, highways, environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, street lights, oil exploration, oil pipelines, flood control, and emergency rescue, the wired network cannot be reached or the wiring cost is too high, and the layout of wireless monitoring is not limited by geographical location, and the cost is relatively lower than the wired monitoring method.
  • Inflammable and explosive dangerous places, disease-infected areas, and other microbial dangerous areas where supervisors cannot approach, the wireless monitoring method can effectively guarantee the monitoring needs of supervisors and personal health and safety.
  • In relatively unfixed monitored places such as temporary deployment of public security investigations, army field training, temporary construction sites, temporary event venues, and exhibition centers, the use of temporary wiring is short and the cost is relatively high. If wireless monitoring is used, it will not cause unnecessary waste.
  • The distribution of monitoring locations such as smart substations, reservoir river monitoring, and unattended machine room monitoring is relatively scattered, but for places that need unified supervision and inspection, the use of wireless video surveillance can realize centralized monitoring of multiple points, effectively saving labor costs and improving supervision, efficiency, and level.

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