Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of LS-WB520 Battery Camera

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  1. How to share the device with family members to watch

Q1: Camera permission distribution management: How to invite family and friends to view my camera together?

A: Open Vicoo APP, select your camera in the main menu, click the share button on the main interface or “share” in the camera settings, enter the sharing page, and click “invite friends” to generate a QR code. Friends can be added by scanning the QR code in the adding device, and at the same time, they have the permission to watch live broadcasts and playback videos.

Q2: When the device fails to share, it prompts that it fails to share successfully?

A: Check whether the network of two mobile phones is normal or not, and then confirm that the login account is the same registration method, for example, the account registered with the mobile phone number cannot be shared with the account registered by the mailbox. After scanning the sharing QR code, you must click on the main phone to agree to share successfully.

  • How to connect the device to wifi router

Q1: What are the requirements for Wi-Fi?

A: Please use a 2.4G wireless network. The device does not support 5G wireless network. At the same time, please set the Wi-Fi authentication method to the wpa2-psk security method. Wi-Fi requires a password.

Q2: Why is the network name not displayed when connecting to Wi-Fi?

A: In Apple devices above iOS13, you need to change the “location permission” for the App in the system settings to “Allow when in use”.

Q3: What problems may be encountered when the device is bound, the camera cannot be connected?

● When you hear “password error”, please check whether the Wi-Fi password you entered in the App is correct;

● When you hear “Wrong authentication method”, please make sure that your Wi-Fi network is not an enterprise-level network connection method, and the device only supports networks with a security level below WPA-2;

● When you hear “AP does not exist”, please check whether you have selected or entered the correct Wi-Fi name. Please place the device near the Wi-Fi router and make sure that the router network is normal. Please also note that 5GhzWi-Fi is the same Cannot be searched by the device; the wifi name cannot contain special symbols such as &*%;

● When you hear “IP acquisition timeout”, it means that the number of devices connected to the router in your home is too many to connect to more devices. Please delete some unused devices or restart the router to remove unconnected devices that have expired. You may need to contact the router administrator;

● When you hear “server connection failed”, please check whether your router is normally connected to the external network. It is common that your home network is disconnected or the router you choose is a server in the local area network. Please ensure that the network connection is normal and try to temporarily shut down The firewall connects again. Or replace the mobile phone with other router wifi to test the connection.

  • What should be paid attention to when using the equipment

Q1: How to download and use the APP?

A: In 2020, the old APP uses Vicoo. In 2021, the name of the APP is changed. The domestic version is “All Orange Housekeeping” and the foreign version is “VicoHome” software. The software interface and functions are exactly the same. Scan the QR code on the manual. Corresponding download, and then use the mailbox to register and log in.

Q2: How far away should the camera be from the router?

A: After testing, the Wi-Fi connection distance is up to 20 meters in the open. The actual situation depends on the Wi-Fi strength and the surrounding environment (excessively thick walls, electromagnetic wave equipment, and large-volume metal objects can cause interference to Wi-Fi signals). If the camera connection signal is weak or unstable, please place the camera as close to the router as possible.

Q3: Will the camera glow red during night vision?

A: Built-in infrared lamp beads, only faint red light can be seen during night vision, to ensure that clear video is provided when there is no light or low light environment.

Q4: What is the maximum length of video that can be recorded?

A: You can select the recording time in the App. According to whether someone continues to record, the recording video is 10 seconds by default, and the maximum time is 20 seconds. Recording is not possible when the network is disconnected. The video resolution is 1920*1080, and the file is in .MP4 format, which can be downloaded to the phone album or shared to WeChat and QQ.

Q5: How to quickly view the playback video and view different push information?

A: Click “Album” on the device list interface to see the recorded video, click the icon in the upper left corner of the “Album” page to start the filter condition setting, check the conditions and save to quickly classify and view the video playback (for vehicles, pets, packages, etc.) Open smart service cloud storage).

Q6: Why is it continuously recording?

A: As long as the trigger conditions are met, it will be triggered and recorded. If too many pushes are received, please change the position of the camera and place it in a relatively simple environment, and lower the detection sensitivity in the setting-motion detection.

Q7: How to solve the problem that the camera cannot work normally?

A: Try to restore the factory settings by resetting the camera. After resetting, you need to re-bind the camera. The reset will not delete the video.

Q8: The APP interface image keeps showing that it is loading. Can’t open the screen but can hear the sound?

A: The mobile phone network is not good, change the 4G network or other wifi network, and then open the APP to watch the live broadcast.

Q9: How to purchase cloud storage and smart services (vehicle, pet, package, inspection etc.)?

A: The smart service is divided into the normal version (the default gift cycle saves for 7 days, <1G capacity cloud storage, no smart notification and area care functions), basic version (15 days cloud storage, 18 yuan / month), advanced version (30 days) Cloud storage, 30 yuan / month) and professional version (60 days of cloud storage, 60 yuan / month), purchased in “my”-smart service, call the payment software.

Q10: What is the package inspection function?

A: When the camera sees that the package is picked up or put down, it will send a push message to you. You can see the status of the package in the push message in the notification bar. To ensure the accuracy of package detection, it is recommended to install the camera at a height of about 2.5 meters. The position of the package is tilted so that the area where the package is located can be clearly seen. The package can be clearly and completely seen within 3 meters. The size of the package is more than 230*130*160.

Q11: How to set the alarm care area?

A: As long as the caring area can limit the scope of intelligent analysis, only push abnormal activities in the area to improve the push efficiency. The camera will record all triggering videos. In the Homepage-Equipment Information-Nursing Area, click Add Nursing Area, and adjust the size and shape of the Nursing Area as needed.

  • How long can the battery be used and how should it be charged

Q1: Can it be used with solar cells?

A: Yes, in order to ensure the charging voltage, a solar panel with a regulated 5V output can be selected. In order to pack in insufficient sunlight and still have enough power to charge the device, it is recommended to increase the area of the solar panel and ensure the sunshine time.

Q2: How long does it take to fully charge the camera?

A: Using a 5V2A adapter (with USB cable), it takes about 8 hours for a complete charge. The yellow indicator light is always on when charging, and the green light is always on when charging is completed.

Q3: Why can’t I charge the battery?

A: The charging device is not matched or the charging device is faulty. Make sure that the power adapter and the charging cable are in good condition. Use a 5V1.5A (5V2A) adapter, and the length of the charging cable is less than 4 meters.

The charging interface is in poor contact, clean dirt, and the charging interface is oxidized or loosened for a long time. Please replace the charging interface.

The charging environment is not suitable, too high or too low temperature will make the charging impossible, please move to a suitable environment to charge.

Q4: Why is the battery consumed so fast and what’s battery life time?

A: The battery capacity is 5200mAh. Under the condition that it is triggered only 20 times a day, the battery life is about three months.

The battery life depends on the total time of the camera’s working state, which may be caused by the following reasons:

  1. The camera is frequently triggered to start recording.

2. Users frequently watch live broadcasts or adjust camera settings on their mobile phones.

3. The network environment to which the camera is connected is poor, and the camera keeps actively searching for the network.

4. Extremely cold weather will also cause a decrease in battery life.

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