Application of Solar Energy System in Urban Construction in Malaysia

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The concepts of green, energy saving, and environmental protection have been proposed in different countries, To cater to and respond to national policy calls, solar panels, solar monitoring, solar energy conservation, and environmental protection have become. More and more popular in various countries around the world.

LS VISION-solar energy system

What is a solar energy system

solar energy system is a power supply system that solves the problem of difficulty in monitoring power supply in various scenarios. Mainly due to the high cost of outsourcing electricity, such as the distance from the site to the market point, the high cost of power wiring and laying network cables, and the difficulty of construction: such as highways and geological disasters Forest fire protection Transmission lines ect.

Solar energy monitoring systems are widely used in various fields and scenarios, such as city parks, mountainous areas, fish ponds, orchards, farms, etc.

How does a solar energy system work?

From the two dimensions of hardware and software, we provide a stable and reliable power supply for monitoring equipment in various scenarios. With the help of the software platform, we can not only view the operating status of the power supply, charge and discharge information, camera operating status, and other information in real-time to collect relevant data, but it can also realize operation and maintenance and fault warning, greatly improving operation and maintenance efficiency.

LS VISION-solar energy system

How are LS VISION's solar energy system and solar camera built?

LS VISION provides solutions for various scenarios, this hardware system mainly consists of solar panels and a 4G dome.
Among them, we have 60W 30Ah, 80W 40Ah, 80W 50Ah and 120W 60Ah solar panels to choose from. We provide 4G PTZ dome cameras with high resolutions of 2.0mp to 8.0mp and any combination to meet the pixel needs of any customer in any scene.

LS VISION-solar camera

For example, our application for the Malaysian urban road project in April:
Subject: 12V 80W 60Ah Solar panel + 8.0mp 4G PTZ dome
Scene: Street park construction
County: Malaysia
State: It can last 7-8 days in cloudy and rainy conditions for a 12V 6W PTZ camera.

The advantages of LS VISION solar energy camera system!

  • Actively respond to the national green and environmental protection concept.
  • Built-in original 18650 battery pack, long service life.
  • It can last 7-8 days in cloudy and rainy conditions.
  • 24/7 365 days real-time monitoring.
  • Integrated design, simple and beautiful.
  • Reliable installation, independent power supply, long battery life, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Can provide a whole system from hardware to software.
LS VISION-solar energy system

LS VISION: Expert solar energy camera system solution since 2010

At LS VISION, we can provide complete system solutions to match the 4G frequency bands of various countries. Our 10+ technical team will help you solve various problems encountered during the installation process. Although we cannot be on-site, we provide video and remote services. If you have needs, please tell us your scenario, country, and region, and contact us freely—LS VISION, for a better world.

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