Common Threats to the Security System You Should Know

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A security system is active day and night to capture the events as they take place. However, it involves risks as well. Nearby threats are always present that harm its operations. Here are a few common problems with their subsequent solutions for easy management.



The first threat to the multi-lens CCTV camera is vandalism. It often takes place because of miscreants who do not have the best intentions toward your business. Vandalism involves disassembling the camera and breaking the lens. They may also spray over the viewfinder to prevent the lens from seeing anything.

You can install a metal casing outside of the camera. These cage-like accessories prevent the intruders from hurting the security system. Furthermore, install the camera with screws at a height so they are inaccessible.


Monsoon and rains

The second threat to multi-lens CCTV cameras is heavy rains. Monsoons and rain showers are very common in tropical and cold areas. Lightning, thunder, and rain can quickly compromise the security system’s performance. If cameras are installed at a height or on top of a pole, lightning may destroy them.

You can search for waterproof cameras that keep operating in the monsoon season. Furthermore, a canopy made of plastic will also protect the cameras. It will save the cameras from the rain and reduce the probability of damage. Moreover, install light protectors to balance extreme voltage.


Say no to hacking!

Did you know that multi-lens CCTV cameras can get hacked? The events occurred but with no proof because the equipment was disabled. It increases the chance of theft and hacking. Since more security systems are wireless, the signals can be intercepted. It leaks the codes, and hackers have access to private videos.

You are advised to change the passwords with a regular cycle. Change the passwords frequently and only share with relevant individuals. You can also implement advanced protocols to ensure a third party does not read the Wi-Fi signals.


Handling pests

Multi-lens CCTV cameras and the security system have night vision. In addition, they are installed canopies are usually installed in corners. Because of the placement, it becomes a home to nocturnal bugs and spider webs. These insects are drawn to the light. Unfortunately, the web hurt the quality of images and videos.

You can use soft brushes to clean the camera exterior. The repellent spray also works wonderfully. You can spray directly at the camera but not on the lens. Watch out for bugs and insects launching motion sensors to reduce the sensitivity.


Remove the glare

Sometimes, the multi-lens CCTV camera is installed in such a way that it gives off glare. Sometimes, it is because of sunlight, while it can also happen from panels, mirrors, and ponds. The glare makes it difficult for the lens to capture events. The installation defeats the purpose.

You must ensure that the camera is not facing reflective surfaces. You can cover part of the lens to protect it from glare. As a result, it will capture the events from surrounding spaces and buildings.


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