4 Things You Should Know About Outdoor Solar Wifi Camera- LS VISION Basic Guide

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Solar-powered security cameras have increased over the years, and their demand has doubled. People are opting for cost-efficient and convenient alternatives, so you should also consider this option. Gone are the days when you had to connect your security camera with your home wiring system to keep it powered. Solar security cameras have eliminated those options as they’re easier to install and use. So, when considering the best outdoor security camera, an outdoor solar wifi camera will work best.


1. What Is An Outdoor Solar Wifi Camera?

As its name suggests, these are standalone devices powered with modern technology to offer high-quality outdoor security. Generally, they are solar-powered security cameras designed to serve even in extreme temperatures, whether cold or hot.


2. How Do Outdoor Solar Wifi Camera Work?

This is a common question that most first-time buyers ask, and the answer is simple. These are security cameras that rely on solar and wifi to work. The solar panels are responsible for charging the built-in lithium-ion batteries.

There are also integrated inverters in it that convert direct current to alternate current to power even when there is no sunlight. The rechargeable batteries store enough power during the day to keep the solar wifi camera working all night.

Also, they connect to home systems through a wifi connection. So, there are no more data cables used in this case. Since the battery continues charging while in use, you can rely on it to record continuously throughout the day and night.


3. Essential Features Of An Outdoor Solar Wifi Camera

When looking for the best security camera for your outdoors, consider the camera’s resolution, battery capacity, field of view, night vision sensors, remote monitoring, smartphone alerts, and motion activation.

Go for the LS VISION security camera model with a wider field of view and high definition. These are the ideal features of a security camera. Also, you are opting for a solar wifi camera because you need it to monitor your home 24 hours.

This means the solar panel wattage plays a role as it indicates the amount of power the solar panel can generate. So, go for a higher wattage, as it will deliver more power to your outdoor solar wifi camera.

The motion and night vision sensors are also vital consideration features as they are the only things that can tell you whether the camera can be used at night and record the motion in its surroundings. And, because of its remote monitoring feature, you can view all activities wherever you are.


4. The Battery Capacity Determines The Longevity Of

The Security Camera battery capacity plays a major role in determining how long the solar wifi security camera lasts without sunlight. Ideally, a solar battery should last anywhere between 2 to 6 months. This depends on the capacity. The best solar-powered battery should have a higher capacity, like LS VISION outdoor solar wifi camera, with capacities ranging from 5000mAh to 12000mAh. So go for security cameras with long-lasting rechargeable batteries to avoid inconveniences.

Now that you have basic knowledge of solar wifi cameras, we hope you can make an appropriate choice by choosing LS VISION outdoor solar wifi camera for your home and business.

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