Why Is Solar Outdoor Camera Not Working

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With the rapid advancement of clean energy, solar outdoor cameras are gaining popularity and being embraced by an increasing number of people. We pay great attention to the needs of users, and we provide you with detailed solutions for users who are unfamiliar with the product.

How do solar outdoor cameras work?

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After understanding the principle, if your home’s solar outdoor surveillance camera fails, we can judge for ourselves, the process is as follows:

1. Energy: Absorb solar energy through solar panels and convert it into electrical energy stored in the camera’s lithium battery.

2. Network: The camera is connected to the network through WiFi or a 4G sim card. Customers can use the mobile APP to scan the QR code of the camera bind it to their account, and realize all monitoring needs on the mobile APP.

3. The camera 4g solar is designed for outdoor usage: Because the camera housing used is IP66-rated, the camera can work perfectly outdoors regardless of wind or snow. If you choose a camera 4g solar like LS VISION LS-S12-10X which will use a better optical zoom, it will give you a better monitoring experience.

1. Check the camera battery

Does the camera battery have power? Turn on the camera switch and see if the camera indicator light flashes. If there is no feedback, you can use the power cord to charge the camera for 24 hours to see if the camera can be charged. This rules out that the camera is working without power. ———If the camera cannot be charged, it can be initially judged that there is a problem with the battery or the power board.

2. Check the network

First, confirm whether your solar outdoor camera is a WiFi or 4G camera. And there is now the first low-power solar camera on the market that supports both 4G & WiFi which the model is: LS-MS3A-4G-10X-EAU

2.1 WIFI version

If it is a WiFi camera 4g solar, please confirm whether your camera supports 2.4G WiFi or 5G WiFi, and then select the corresponding WiFi connection.
If you still cannot connect to the corresponding WiFi, it may be that the WiFi router of this brand does not match the camera. (LS VISION’s wifi solar camera is compatible with all well-known WiFi routers on the market) reducing your installation worries.)

2.2 4G version

If yours is a 4G camera 4g solar, please confirm whether the version you installed is suitable for your country’s frequency band.
Generally speaking, 4G solar cameras are divided into SA (Southeast Asia), EU (Europe and Africa), US (North America), LA (Latin America), AU (Australia), and other versions.

After confirming that the version is correct, if you still cannot connect.
It may involve the camera’s APN (operator identifier), which is used to enable the 4G module to identify and connect to the corresponding operator’s network.

Generally, solar outdoor cameras have already written the APN information into the camera’s firmware, and there is no need to fill it in separately. But if the operator makes changes, you may need to manually write this information to the device, but the probability is extremely small)

I hope these solar outdoor camera suggestions prove helpful in addressing your concerns. Should you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at LS VISION which are solar power camera, IP camera, and AI system manufacturer with 18 years of experience who. Co-cooperated 14 brand agents and Shared the high bound period profits with partners based on the launch of 3-4 industry-leading hot products every year from 20+ R&D teammates.

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