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Fish pond thefts have become a major problem for many fish breeders. Not only do thieves violate private property regulations, but they also are a leading cause of disrupting aquatic ecosystems. The best way that fish pond owners can fight these types of intruders is by considering monitoring devices to enhance ponds security.

Since fish pond security needs a good plan, some people consider outdoor cameras, but the reality is their sensors have limited reach, making it inconvenient. There are factors to consider, such as the locality of the outdoor camera and the number of outdoor cameras needed. Well-fixed outdoor cameras perfectly enhance ponds security.

In this modern age, many manufacturers have developed various designed outdoor cameras. LS VISION’S solar-powered security cameras are designed to suit areas that need robust performance, but the Ethernet cables and power supplies are out of reach. These cameras also supply power back up to avoid any disruption while monitoring because of power failures. Solar cameras are ideal for ponds security as they have built-in rechargeable batteries and 4G  LTE modules and provide power to connect to a network in the comfort of your home.

What makes an ideal ponds security camera?

There are vital features that an outdoor security camera for fish ponds should have. Here we’ll focus on wireless low-powered solar security cameras and what makes them best for ponds security.

PIR detection

This is a vital feature to consider as the camera has to detect any motion within the pond area automatically. Not all outdoor cameras use this technology. What makes it different is that once motion is detected around the fish pond, the camera automatically wakes up and alerts the owner through an alarm message via the phone app. All wireless solar security cameras at LS VISION uses intelligent PIR for human detection.

Light shock and shout alert

This is a rare feature in most security cameras on the market; therefore, having such cameras can be good for your business. LS VISION cameras have two-way intercom functions and also support white light. In case of intruders in the fish pond, the user can turn on the white light or remotely warn the target. This approach enhances the deterrent effect making solar security cameras ideal for ponds security.

Mobile phone App

Mobile phone apps have become a standard feature, especially for customers’ convenience. A good security camera has an accessible mobile phone app that allows push-alarm notifications once an intruder arrives. Such notifications are vital as they are both timely and improve timely responses, thus minimizing losses.

Wireless transmission

Since most farms and fish ponds are away from urban areas, it isn’t easy to do wiring and locate cameras at various points. That makes solar-powered cameras perfect for outdoor use. Solar-powered devices have everything built in, therefore an ideal ponds security system. Wireless transmission solves signal transmission and gives users full control of their devices in the comfort of their homes.

More so, wireless transmission is also a guarantee of quality video. For instance, a camera that uses 4G frequency bands offers quality video surveillance of the area. The data transmitted by video surveillance depends on the frequency band of the region. Besides, good video coverage can quickly identify thieves, especially if the case proceeds to court.

Enough storage capacity

Since the purpose of a security camera is to enhance ponds security, lots of activities will be recorded. Therefore, the camera system needs to have enough storage space. LS VISION cameras have local storage of approximately 128 GB. But, some manufacturers, including LS VISION, have designed their systems to allow cloud storage. To store videos on the cloud, users must pay a monthly subscription fee, which typically ranges between $2 to $35.

Moreover, the system should also include software that supports quick filtering of videos. Finding an incident video to improve efficiency should take a few minutes.

Factors to consider when choosing a solar security camera for ponds security

Weatherproof rating

When looking for outdoor cameras to enhance your home or farm’s security, it’s vital to ensure it meets your target area. A good camera has a weatherproof rating to help you know if the device can withstand water and dust. IP rating rank devices based on how much water or dust they can withstand. LS Vision security cameras are weatherproof and safe, making them best for ponds security.

You will find that the listed devices are water standard rated, ranging from IPXO to IPX7. This means it ranges from offering zero water protection to one that withstands water 30 minutes after submission.

Dust standards of security pond cameras range between IPXO, which means it has no dust protection capabilities, and another with a rating of IPX6, which means the device is resistant to dust. For most security cameras, the IP ratings are IP65 indicating a waterproof rating (6) and then a dustproof rating. Any rating with X in the middle shows only one factor is used to rate the device.


When choosing a solar-powered security camera, there are two things to consider. You must identify the best location to install the camera to enhance its protection, while the other is where the camera must be placed for sun exposure. For a solar camera to function effectively, it needs the sun’s peak hours to be fully charged. Peak hours mean it’s well exposed that the sun can provide 1000 watts per square meter. Ideally, it’s referred to as the intensity of sunlight.

The sun’s peak hours vary depending on season and location; manufacturers advise placing the solar panel in a south-facing spot to get enough sunlight at least six hours daily. Before making a purchasing decision, consider camera placement. If you’re buying for business purposes, you must fully understand the weather in your locality. That means finding a desirable camera for your customers won’t be challenging.


Finding a reliable camera for ponds security is vital, just like finding the best hunting camera. We hope the above guide provides you with all the basics you need to find the best security camera. If you’re a business owner, LS VISION Company is your best partner for solar security systems. All our products use modern technology that customers would not resist considering, which is good for business. For further details, contact us.

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