Things you need to know before using wireless surveillance camera

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Wireless surveillance camera is an entry-level security product.It integrates network camera, routing transmission and other technologies.Because of the low price and installation threshold, it has been popular among home users in the past two years. With the development of video surveillance technology for civilian use, This one also realizes zero wiring because of the Wifi. Therefore, more and more supermarkets, restaurants, shops, offices, factories, and even homes have installed surveillance cameras. But if used home WIFI surveillance camera, you should pay attention to whether you use it indoors or outdoors. If it is installed outdoors, you must pay more attention to some details.

1. Installation site

Do not install the wirless surveillance camera close to the steam or the air outlet of the heating and cooling air conditioner. It is easy to cause condensation, which will it cause the accumulation of water and water mist in the dome to be unable to dissipate for a long time. To determine the area to be monitored, determine the installation location  and the size of the surveillance camera lens to achieve the best monitoring effect. The installation position of the camera is recommended to be above 3 meters, but not too high. The installation position is too low it is easy to be destroyed by people, and the installation position is too high and inconvenient for maintenance.

2.Water problems

When installing cameras outdoors, special attention should be paid to the water conduction problem of the fixed bracket. When installing cameras, many users often install the fixed bracket at a position higher than the cable junction box, and the line at the end of the camera enters the junction box. Sometimes, the wires are not brought in from the vertical bottom of the junction box or waterproofed, so that rainwater often enters the junction box (box) along the tail pipe through the hose.It is easy to cause short circuit or transmission and camera equipment burned out.Hope everyone pays attention to these two aspects when installing wifi surveillance cameras outdoors. Only by avoiding these problems when installing, can it effectively extend its service life.

In terms of practicality, choosing a Wireless WIFI camera is also a more practical and convenient choice. connect the power supply, install it, and then download the APP on your Mobile phone, and the monitored content will be sent to the mobile phone in real time. It is also clear during the day and night. IF the area is large and the PTZ camera can be used. You don’t have to rely on the security system from now on.

Now smart homes are gradually infiltrating our lives and are also bringing us a safer and more convenient lifestyle. Just like installing camera, you can view the situation at home from any place through your mobile phone, tablet or PC. When the camera detects a moving object, it will be send a message to your mobile phone. And its installation is very convenient, you can install it yourself; and it will not destroy the beauty of the room when installed indoors; at the same time, as long as the wireless signal covers the place, it can be moved anytime and anywhere. But it also has inevitable drawbacks. The first is the coverage and stability of wireless signals. The effective indoor area is 100 square meters, and the effective outdoor distance is 100 meters. These are the limitations of wireless monitoring. Therefore, the stability of the signal is also a big problem. Only by ensuring the stability of the signal can the quality of the captured image be guaranteed. The second is the security of wireless monitoring. Because it is a wireless signal, it is easier to be received by external devices, so we must pay attention to the security of wireless signals.

In general, wireless surveillance cameras have brought a lot of security to our lives. Although some problems will inevitably occur, after all, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. As long as we understand its purpose, we can make it Better serve our better life.

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