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Solar Hunting Cellular Camera (4)

The Advantages Of Farm Security Cameras

In the age of technological advancement, the integration of security cameras has become a prevalent practice across various sectors, including agriculture. Farm security cameras, once considered a luxury, have now become indispensable tools for modern farmers. These devices from LS VISION, offer a plethora of benefits, ranging from enhancing safety and security to optimizing farm

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Project-4-Housing-Project) (1)

Housing Project

  Johnice has an old house in a small Italian village that has not been inhabited for a long time. Although she has now settled in Milan, this house carries too many memories for her. When she is free, she will bring her family back to the old house. Living in it for a period of

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Project-2-Farm-Project2 (1)

Farm Project

  Musa lives in Nigeria, which with enough sunlight. His father gave him a ranch. There are hundreds of cattle and sheep on his farm. However, the ranch is located in a remote area and cannot be powered by electricity or covered by WiFi, so Musa hope to have a camera that does not require network

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Project-1-Own-garage-project-(1) (1)

Own garage project

  David lives in the United States and he likes all kinds of unique things. Because there are often people in his garage and tool room during the day, he hopes to be able to set the alarm time. It is best to trigger the alarm only at night and push the alarm information through the

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Backyard Project

  Alex’s backyard is relatively large. Sometimes people break into his yard at night and lie on a chair to rest, but Alex doesn’t like others to disturb his life, so if you want to install a camera, it is best to have a colorful picture at night. LS-4GS12 is equipped with a white light. After

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