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LS-P550-30X Solar PTZ Camera

A reliable and convenient solar panel for your PTZ camera in LS VISION

Solar panel cameras are the best choice for project monitoring at present. Unlike traditional IP cameras, solar system cameras do not require professional personnel to install wires. Anyone can set up and install them according to the instructions.

LS VISION’s DIY solar panel has a power manager specifically for surveillance cameras, which will only provide energy to the surveillance camera when the battery is over 30%. Without this function, the device will provide energy to the camera when the voltage is not enough, causing the camera to fail to start or shut down quickly after starting, if you purchase all products of LS VISION, you can find corresponding technical support and marketing support, and provide the materials you need (pictures, videos or online guidance)

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Better understand your needs and DIY solar panels for you

In terms of quality

Compared to other solar panel systems on the market which have an efficiency of only 15-18%, our solar panel system has an efficiency of 22%, which is top-notch in the industry.

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A variety of specifications and professional engineer services to meet your various project needs

LS VISION offers solar panels and battery packs of various sizes for you to choose from to meet your different monitoring needs.

Common solar panel sizes include 30W, 60W, 80W, 120W, etc.
Common battery pack capacities include 30AH, 40AH, 50AH, etc.
The most popular solution is 60W 30AH, which is suitable for most PTZ high-magnification cameras

Just contact us and tell us the camera parameters and your camera monitoring requirements. We can quickly provide professional advice to configure the solar energy system for your camera.

Suitable for DIY solar panel camera installation scenarios

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We offer our products for various locations including farmlands, ponds/lakes, livestock areas, building construction sites, highways, parking lots, courtyards, Fields, Pasture Comping, mountains, Construction Sites, and orchards.

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So far, for solar-powered cameras, LS VISION is the TOP solution in the whole market, especially for 4G models. We can meet the requirements of most countries. Contact LS VISION to find a reliable partner for your business!


LS VISION, a professional manufacturer of 4G WiFi Ubox and NIVIEW app solar security cameras, is now opening global investment channels. We invite you to join us as an agent or wholesale partner. We offer competitive prices and provide product knowledge, marketing materials, and training to help you succeed.

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